How to order

Email us your orders!

Last order for the week : Every Sunday 5PM Singapore Time

Delievery Time for goods to arrive after shipping: Less than 5 Days

Collection: Anytime after orders arrived! ^^

If you order on a monday, you have to wait for a next batch orders, which is a following Sunday.

Please take note you have to pay for your items first!

 No confirmation of payment? No confirmation of orders! ^^

Please transfer to POSB SAVINGS 247-01630-9

*If you do not have a card or ibank, please go to any POSB/ DBS bank deposit machine, you can transfer WITHOUT A card, just provide your Name, NRIC and contact to the machine!but please remember to take the receipt, take a picture and email it togther with your order!*

Cash Transfer: Go to posb/dbs bank inform that you wanna do a cash Transfer. Account Name: Tan Yee Inn Eileen

Concealed Cash: (As usual, orders will be sent from the day I RECEVIED the payment) Email me for address

Meetup: Please take note, you have to meet me TWICE (once payment, once collection) at my convience.


Email Title : [ Your item names ]

Please provide the following details:


Twitter Userid:

HP Contact:


Ibank ID/ Picture of recepit:

Item Details:

Total Amount Paid:

***Do make sure we reply your email with a Confirmation Order email.

***If not please drop us a email or tweet!  Thanks!


We will do a mass meetup for collection! Details will be updated and emailed to you after the items have arrived in Singapore!

Unless you have special request for mailing, please do take note you have to bare the postage charges.

$2.10 or $2.45 – Tube price depending on poster’s length
$1  – Normal postage for tube
$1+ $2.30 (registered mail fee) = $3.30 – Registered postage for tube 

ALBUMS (Depending on weight too)
$1.50 – Normal postage for album
$1.50 + $2.30 (Registered fee) = $3.80 – Registered postage for album

Conclude usually a normal album + poster (tubed) : $3.10 + $1.50 = $4.60

For a registered album + poster (tubed)  = $3.30 +$3.80 = $7.10

Prices all in SGD.

Probably i will suggest you go for meetup unless you dun mind spending the money.
Mass meetups on SAT : Cityhall ard 1-2pm (SUGGESTED)
Weekdays, Ngee Ann Poly 8.30am – 5pm
Mon , Wed , Fri 7pm-10pm Clementi Central
Sunday 11am -5pm AMK Central

All at my convenience.

Overseas shipping

You have to bare the postage FROM SG – Your Country
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36 Responses to How to order

  1. Alina says:

    Is it we must pay first. Than order? Can i order 1st than pay?

  2. Huien says:

    Sorry for asking so many questions. If the email title is what I intend to purchase, then what d’you mean by item details 😮

    Is it like say,

    Email Title: Nametags
    Item Details: (The names that I want)

    HAHAHA, thank you!

  3. greyskymorning says:

    where will meet-ups be held? 🙂

  4. huizhen says:

    Hi, if i order something, would it be possible if i pay on the day I collect the item during the meetup?

  5. Cordelia says:

    Hi, May i know within how many days will you be replying with a confirmation order email? Just wondering.. so i know if i should resend my order. Hehe. thanks(:

  6. Jas says:

    Can i transfer the money to u tmr for the beast album?

  7. me says:

    can i pay by meet up

  8. me says:

    can i pay by meet up???

  9. Grace says:

    must we really meet at the locations given above? cos i live quite faraway from there…

  10. Jovanne says:

    Are you still taking order for star card ???

  11. Pingback: Updated price lists « Sg K Orders

  12. Zero says:

    Hi! Do you still take orders for IU real limited edition with poster?? I’ve check with other sources but they all seemed to be out of stock? I would really like to order that.

  13. Zero says:

    Hi 😀 Are you takking orders for IU’s ablum?

  14. xue says:

    hello! can i still make orders for the 2011 big bang diary?

  15. xue says:

    so meaning i can’t order now? coz i would like to!

  16. limpq says:

    you still taking orders for the snsd star card set 2.5?

  17. limpq says:

    you still taking orders for snsd star cards 2.5??

  18. Cara says:

    can you give me you contact number for reference ? thanks

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