About SG K Orders

SG K Orders help to order albums, calendars, balloons, lightsticks, nametags, hp chains that you need from korea!

We do direct shipping from korea!

All albums are sourced in Korea and are reflected on the Hanteo chart !

Do Support Us!

Welcome fansites to do mass orders with us! ^^

Definately we will provide a good deal for mass orders!

We aim to be the fastest to get pre-order items to Singapore!

All items should arrive within 1 week or maybe less than a few days, once orders submit to supplier!

Do spread the words around!

Thank you!


24 Responses to About SG K Orders

  1. Jane says:

    Hey!! Are you still selling Shinee’s Hello Repackaged album?

  2. kirstie says:

    hello, the SHINee repackage is still available right?


    if its with the poster how much is it? :D:D

  3. fany says:

    Can I order from Sweden??? I want the Hoot album!

  4. Sherlyn says:

    Do you still have beast lights goes on again album ?

  5. sherlyn lin says:

    Hi. Do you import 10asia’s magazine from korea too ?

  6. Loveholic says:

    Hello, errm, can I order the Co-Ed album now? Cuz you said that you will be going overseas from 10dec to 16dec, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the album in time.

  7. xiaozhen says:

    Hello, Beast’s MASTERMIND album is instock or preorder?

  8. sheepysue says:

    hello. do you accept orders from Brunei? 🙂
    i wanna buy BEAST’s hp chain T___T

  9. hihi says:

    may i ask if u have shinee’s 2011 calendar and lights go on again album with poster?
    how much will it be and when will be the earliest i can get it?? 🙂

  10. Rebeca says:

    hi! do your have the beast premium japan album for sale? (:

  11. silvertint says:

    hi is the big bang diary still up for order? and also, do you supply?

  12. hello says:


    do your all have the “so beast 2011 goods” for sale? 🙂

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