Updated price lists

  • GTOP album + poster is up for orders. 22  Gtop album has sliver copper blue green red pls state ur colors Thanks content is same
  •  SNSD: 1st Asia Tour Into the New World (2CD) + poster = 26
  •  Preorder Dong Bang Shin Ki – Keep Your Head Down (First Press Limited Edition) + Poster Sgd 50
  • FTIsland 2011 Calendar + Diary Set with stickers, postcards & file 60sgd
  •  younha new mini album LOST IN LOVE + poster sgd 20
  • REAL IU LIMITED Edition Album + poster 35 SGD
  • Infinite New Album Evolution + poster 17SGD
  • JYJ Essay + poster = 40SGD (arrival 4th wk of jan after preorder)
  • he’s beautiful ost SGD 22
  • marry me mary ost SGD 24
  •  To order:



    About sgkorders
    Hi! We help to order albums, calendars, balloons, lightsticks, nametags that you need from korea! Do Support Us! Welcome fansites to do mass orders with us! ^^ We aim to be the fatest for Pre-Ordered albums to reach Singapore! We do collaboration orders too! ^^ Do contact us!

    9 Responses to Updated price lists

    1. Jay says:

      Hi SGKorders,
      the GD&TOP album is available in silver, gold, red, blue & green.
      but i thought it will be shipped randomly and you can’t really choose the colours? *according to ygeshop.
      also, i’ve placed my order for the gtop album some days back and made the payment but i have yet to receive a confirmation from you.
      Do let me know asap.

    2. Huien says:

      Just asking, does the GD&TOP album comprises of this photo booklet thing/passport cover? Thanks ><

    3. Lizzie says:

      Hi, would like to clarify what is in “Official Cnblue”? Thanks.

    4. Shamane says:


      I would like to know if the official CNBlue item is a calendar and if u have any pictures of it? I would like to order but I want to know what’s the exact item first. Thank you

    5. Sandy says:

      Hello, may I know what will the item be containing as of official Cn blue stuff?

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